The University of Toronto Undergraduate Criminology Review is a student-run, student and faculty edited journal that publishes a wide variety of scholarly works related, either directly or indirectly, to the field of criminology. The journal provides undergraduate students who have conducted research in criminology a public, academic platform upon which they may present their works and an opportunity to attain publishing credentials early in their careers. Moreover, through its published materials, the UTUCR seeks to foster debate and discussion, facilitate critical thinking, and present a plurality of intellectual positions that currently dominate the academic community. 

The UTUCR inclusively accepts articles, essays, and book reviews from any undergraduate institution and publishes them annually. As Criminology itself incorporates theory, research methods, and knowledge from a myriad of disciplines (law, history, and political science to name just a few), any subject matter, so long as it is interrelated to legal thought and criminal justice, is more than welcome. 

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