Clifford is a second year student from University College studying Criminology, Ethics, Society and Law, as well as Political Science. Clifford serves as the second year rep for the Ethics, Society and Law Students' Association, and is also a violinist for UofT's Hart House Orchestra. In the future, he hopes to pursue a Juris Doctor (J.D.) at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law with a focus on criminal prosecution or corporate law. Clifford will join the 2018-2019 masthead as a copy editor, and is looking to uphold the UTUCR's commitment to academic prestige.

Vera Katkova (Copy Editor) 

Yuliya Mykhaylychenko is a third year student out of Trinity College studying Psychology and Criminology. Yuliya has been involved in the University of Toronto Pre-Law Mooting Club and as the Logistics Coordinator for the Trinity College Saints Charity Ball, as well as writing articles for The Varsity. In the future, Yuliya hopes to pursue a law degree, with particular interest in environmental law or human rights and immigration law. After gaining experience, Yuliya hopes to become a law school professor and to teach future lawyers about their role in changing our society for the better. Yuliya will lead the 2018-19 masthead as Editor in Chief, and hopes to promote diverse and extensive readership of the journal by assembling a masthead of experienced and passionate student leaders. 

Leanne Lee is a fourth year student out of University College studying Political Science and Criminology. Her interest in the legal framework concerning the issues of citizenship and immigration has inspired her to pursue a Master of Studies in Law before completing a Juris Doctor. In the future, Leanne hopes to work as an immigration lawyer to better understand how the criminalization and securitization of immigration has affected newcomers. Leanne will join the 2018-2019 masthead as a Copy Editor and hopes to help share the insightful and passionate ideas of her colleagues.  

Erica Liu is a second-year student out of Trinity College studying Political Science and Criminology. In the future, she hopes to pursue a dual-degree program, obtaining both a Juris Doctor (J.D.) and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA). Currently, she is helping to write a socio-legal textbook as a Research Assistant, working with various professors and a University of Toronto Law student. She is also an Associate Editor for POLIS, the University of Toronto Undergraduate Journal of Political Science. Erica will join the 2018-2019 Masthead as Managing Editor, looking to inspire readers to critically examine the society they exist in by providing multiple perspectives and emerging new voices to enduring legal conversations. 

Vera Katkova is a fourth year student out of Trinity College studying Criminology and Political Science. Throughout her studies Vera has been focusing on critically analyzing the institutions that comprise the Canadian Criminal Justice system, as well as researching alternative legal frameworks that prioritize restorative justice. Vera hopes to go on to engage in responsible ally-ship that will empower and support indigenous populations in addressing the socio-legal and systemic barriers that they face. She has already begun fulfilling this through her numerous volunteer involvements in her community and by attending conferences with world leaders such as Michelle Obama to engage in conversations about equity. Vera joins the 2018-2019 Masthead as an Editor, looking to increase accessibility and readership of the Review. 

Shir is a fourth-year student at Victoria College studying Criminology and English. Her work has focused primarily on indigenous rights and the relationship between colonialism and opioid use in North America. She has developed a passion for working with substance users. After she finishes her J.D., Shir hopes to pursue a career in criminal defense and drug law. She has previously served as the assistant-editor-in-chief at IDIOM, the University of Toronto’s Official English Undergraduate Journal. She will join the 2018-2019 masthead as an Executive Editor and hopes to help ensure that the journal thrives for another year to come.

Yuliya Mykhaylychenko (Editor in Chief) 

Henry Rhyu (Copy Editor) 

Leanne Lee (Copy Editor) 

Ramshaa Rehan (Executive Editor)

Ramsha Rehan is a third year student out of Woodsworth College studying Political Science and Criminology. Ramsha serves as a monitoring director for the Equity Committee, which focuses on promoting inclusivity and maintaining open spaces for the unique and diverse student body. Throughout her studies Ramsha has developed interest in the areas of political philosophy and international relations. She also has a passion for the politics of forced and voluntary migration, identity and nation-building, and the criminalization of immigrants. In the future, she hopes to pursue a Masters and a subsequent PhD in Political Science to obtain a position as a professor to teach and research about the intersection between politics and criminology. Ramsha will join the 2018-19 masthead as an Executive Editor in hopes of contributing to and recognizing the multiplicity of student perspectives. 

Henry Rhyu is a second-year student out of St. Michael’s College pursuing a double-major in Ethics, Society & Law and Criminology. In his brief undergraduate career, Henry has developed a passion for corporate and criminal law from the One program at Trinity College, earning him a publication in Intra-Vires - UofT Pre-Law Undergraduate Journal. He also serves as the Junior Editor for the Mindful Journal of Ethics and as a brother at the International Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI). He aspires to pursue a J.D. at the University of Toronto or Columbia University, in preparation for a career practicing corporate law in South Korea and Canada. He will be joining the 2018-19 Masthead as Copy Editor and looks forward to contributing to the promotion of diverse intellectual perspectives in criminology.

Clifford Chuang (Copy Editor)

Shir Zisckind (Executive Editor)

Erica Liu  

(Managing Editor)