The University of Toronto Undergraduate Criminology Review accepts essays, book reviews, and short 1-2 page articles on current criminology topics. UTUCR only accepts submissions from eligible students. To be deemed an eligible student, you must be a student enrolled in an undergraduate institution or be a recent graduate (graduated within the last 10 months).

​Submissions must include a cover letter with the title of the work, author(s), contact information, undergraduate institution, program, and year of study. The submissions must include a 250 word abstract and abide by the APA citation style. The maximum length is 15 pages double-spaced with 1" margins in size 12 Times New Roman Font. The page limit excludes the cover page, abstract and references. 

After the submission is accepted for consideration, all identifying information (author's names, faculties, etc.) will be replaced with a pseudonym. Once determined which papers will be published, the Editors and the External Advisors will propose substantive and stylistic changes if necessary. The paper will be returned to the author to make the necessary changes before publication.

​SUBMISSION DEADLINE (2018-2019): January 30th, 2019

Please submit all papers to